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Flexible Talent Jul 21, 2022
Legility is seeking a commercial real estate attorney with 10+ years in an in-house and/or law firm environment to assist with real estate retail and construction transactions, including commercial leases, sale lease backs, reverse build to suits, purchase & sale agreements, mortgage-secured real estate financing, architectural service agreements, construction contracting, and related loans and intercreditor arrangements for an in-house legal department. This is a short term, full-time remote position. 


  • Excellent writing, research and analytical skills
  • Superior communication skills, attention to detail and ability to work independently
  • Excellent academic credentials and work history
  • A licensed member in good standing with at least one State Bar association
  • Contract attorney with commercial real estate experience to handle SNDAs, estoppels, variances, amendments, etc. Ideal if they were in the Houston area and could be in the office part time, but that is not required.